Welcome to Urban Society.life

Welcome to Urban Society.life

ur·ban so·ci·et·y

noun, the way of life among city and town inhabitants and how they all interact with each other.

Our Mission

Urban Society.Life is a lifestyle brand and media platform, that embodies the diversity and creativity of the urban culture. Our main mission is to bring people together and create a vibe like no other.

What started out as a platform for hip-hop focused entertainment has evolved into a brand focused on dope events and cool experiences with people you need to know in the community.

Thank you for your support!

Work With Us

Urban Society.Life is a new omnimedia company based in Southern California, that focuses on events, businesses, places, people, and experiences in urban communities and for people of color. We have a commitment to diversity, and strive to work with partners that are providing safe places for people that are often overlooked by other media outlets. If you are a brand that is interested in working with us, contact us via email at info@urbansociety.life.

Be a Contributor

We have big lofty goals for this platform! We’re currently looking for contributors that are interested in getting published, increasing their writing credits, or just enjoy being in the know! Contributors are currently non-paid positions, but will get full credit for their work!

Join Our Influencer Network

At Urban Society.Life, we believe in the power of collaboration and the art of storytelling. We’re on the lookout for passionate influencers and devoted foodies who can bring a fresh perspective to our ever-evolving urban scene. If you’ve got a flair for capturing Southern California’s essence, its delectable dishes, or its vivacious events, you could be the next voice amplifying our brand. Dive into an exclusive network where you not only contribute to our publication but also partake in elite events with our esteemed partner businesses. Curious to be a part of this culinary and cultural journey? Explore further and apply to join our influencer network. Let’s craft the story of SoCal together.

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